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Timeline is a program to help keep track of important events that have happened in your life and the lives of people important to you. It can track any type of events, but it was designed for tracking "big" events; like houses, jobs, vacations and major projects.

Timeline also tracks "health" data. This can be anything about yourself that you would like to track. Examples might be weight, blood pressure, exercise, sleep, medications. It will also integrates with Fitbit and Google Fit to download data from your fitness tracker.



Windows XP or later with .Net version 4.5 (standard in windows 7+) and a free download for earlier versions.

A screen resolution of at least 1024x768.

If you want to use Fitbit, Google Fit or Weissoft to track health data, you will need to have an internet connection.


Your data is only stored on your computer and the application never sends data over the Internet without your permission.

If you use Fitbit or Google Fit, the application will connect to Fitbit or Google to download your fitness data.

If you use the Weissoft Health website or app to track health data, that data is stored online but all data is anonymized.

For more information, see the privacy section in the help.