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Be environmental! Go paperless by sending an e-card to friends and family!

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Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Enter your message

Keep it short (three or four lines, 30ish characters per line works best)

Use letters and basic punctuation (' , . ? ! # > < - : ( ) [ ] ^) The '^' symbol also has other special character shapes


2. Pick borders and a background color

Borders are photos or art for the top and bottom of your message. If you just want a solid color, use extra lines and spaces to make more space around your message.


3. Create your picture!

Don't worry, you can come back and make changes later. Just re-create the picture after you make changes.

4. Customize your letters and borders

Click on a letter in your card. About 5-10 options will appear. Choose the one you want.

Click on each border to choose the one you want.

Nature's Alphabet

5. Add your card to the cart

Your downloadable file will be formatted just as you see it when you put it in the cart. Maximum recommended print size is 11x14 inches

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Don't have the time or words to write your own card? Click below to choose from existing cards. They're not Hallmark, but they have "Nature's Mark!"


Books, Poetry and Stories by Kira Davis

Cultural Nomad

Cultural Nomad is a Memoir about my magical journey around the world. I traveled to twenty countries in six months. It was like being reincarnated every two weeks -- without ever dying. I connected with locals, dropping into a new life, with new friends and a new culture -- then, just as suddenly, torn apart from that life. I was forced to skip across the sea to plop into a whole new world -- time and time again. From Cuba to South Africa to Kenya, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan, the US, Austria, Amsterdam, Luxemburg, England, France, Spain and Italy. The book will be 12 - 15 chapters long.

I hope this expression from my heart and soul will tug at your emotions and connect you to the feelings that bring out your truest, deepest self and give you courage to live as you believe and follow your heart where it begs to lead you.

Help Fund the Completion of my book! Goal: $3000. Buy both Cuba and Brazil and email me with the subject, "Cultural Nomad" and I'll send you the whole book when it's done!

You can also make a donation to support the project via Paypal or Venmo. Contact me for details.


In the mood for romance? This chapter is about my trip to Cuba, falling in love with the culture and connecting with a stranger -- who was anything but strange to me.

It is about breaking through to new levels of freedom and independence, while exploring and understanding feelings and insecurities -- and at the same time, being torn apart by politics and human rights conditions amidst the embargo between Cuba and the US.


In the mood for mischief?

“My sketch developed into that of a sun, on the horizon with a tear in its eye. It was setting, grieving the end of that day, which would never again come back.”

Coming soon

South Africa

Aftermath of Apartide

Coming soon

Other books

Adventures of the novel Coronavirus

This humorous adventure story and its illustrations will make you laugh through these trying times. It personifies the novel coronavirus as it travels the world. It shows the 'human condition' in both human and virus characters, as ego and compassion well up in dramas that unfold while viruses race to all corners of the earth. Their mode of travel? The human host! The viruses learn about the perils of an unsustainable lifestyle and the parallels between environmental problems and their own finite resources.

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Expanding Environmental Education in Rural China

Case Study in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province

This is my thesis, published by a German Academic Publishing Firm. Reach out to me directly if you are interested in writing Environmental Education Curriculum OR doing research on Place-Based Environmental Education Development. I'll be happy to send you resources at no cost!

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Book of HAIKU

Coming soon

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