Touch Table Gaming

A Touch Table is a large, horizontal, touch-enabled surface.

The screen can be an LCD TV with a touch sensor, or custom hardware. The screen just needs to connect to a Windows PC and send TUIO or Windows HID events.

Players sit around the table and interact with the game by touch. No mouse or keyboard needed. Our games often provide individual controls for each player:

Hansa Teutonica. A board game conversion where each player has individual controls but the action happens on a shared board.
Multi-player PairSoup. Everyone works together to find matches
Multi-player PokerSquares. Everyone has their own board.

You can create your own touch table by simply adding a touch sensor to an existing TV and connecting it to a computer. The sensor that I use is the PQ Labs G5. It is a frame that rests on top of the TV and uses IR to detect touches. These overlays connect to the computer by USB and provide windows HID events.

The most difficult part of building a touch table is creating the physical frame to hold it. The black table in the photos was custom built for my table.

There are also a variety of pre-built solutions available from companies like Ideum or Touch-Table.

A great solution if you want a portable frame is to go with a flat-pack table:

Mesa Mundi F-Series touch table

I don't know if Mesa Mundi still sells this frame, but you can have a frame made by a local C&C shop that will fit your TV