Product Highlight

Sim Retirement

Application to help you decide if you have enough money saved for retirement. The program works by simulating your retirement month by month under a wide variety of external market conditions. In each of thousands of simulations of your retirement, the external market (stocks, bonds, inflation, etc) is modeled in a historically realistic, but random way. This method is known as a Monte Carlo simulation and gives you a probability that your retirement will be successful.

Touch Table

Weissoft creates board game conversions for play on a touch table. A Touch Table is a large, horizontal, touch-enabled surface that players sit around. The computer runs the game, enforces the rules, sets up the board and cleans up when the game is done. But the players all sit at the same table and interact like they do when playing a physical game.

The screen can be an LCD TV with a touch sensor, or custom hardware. The screen just needs to connect to a Windows PC and send TUIO or Windows HID events.