Media Database

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MediaDB Introduction

The MediaDB is a program for tracking your books, DVDs and board games.

Books and DVDs can be added by the title or ISBN number. The program will search's database and will download the book or DVD information. Board games can be added by title or by collection id. The program will search and will download information about the game.

The program can track multiple collections, perform searches within your collection and export your collection in an excel readable format.

Requirements: Windows XP or later. If you want to use to lookup books and DVDs, you will need to have an internet connection.

Privacy: When you search for a book or DVD using Amazon, the search string is sent to In addition, they are sent a code which identifies the request as coming from the MediaDB program. There is nothing that distinguishes each individual user of the program so Amazon can't track an individual's searches. When you search for a board game the search string is sent to There is no user or program information in this search.

Special thanks to and for providing public interfaces to their amazing collections of data.