DeepCopy is a utility program for dealing with windows style shortcuts.
This program provides four functions:

  1. Replace links with their target. Replaces all shortcuts in the given directory tree with the file or directory that they point to. If you have a shortcut to a directory, that directory will be created, and all the files in that directory will by copied to the new location. If that directory contains links those links will be replaced too.
  2. Update a directory. This function makes a target directory look just like a source directory by making needed updates. This can be used to keep two directories synchronized. This has the same result as using windows to delete the target directory and making a copy of the source, but it can be significantly faster if there aren't many differences between the source and target. This function is good for keeping a backup directory synchronized with the original.
  3. Update a directory with links. This function works just like the standard update; but if there are links in the source directory, the actual file or directory is added to the target.
  4. Copy a directory tree. This function makes a copy of a directory structure in another location. This doesn't copy files.

Download the program:

There is no instalition, the zip just contains the executable.