On the food and recipe dialog, score plot and nutrient graph dialogs, there is a print button which will print the dialog exactly as it is shown on the screen. You can resize and arrange the dialog prior to printing. Pressing the print button will show a print preview.

You can also print the Diary panel that shows the day's foods by selecting File/Print Current Day Panel. This works just like the other dialogs.

Finally, you can create a text printout of the foods that you ate on a particular day by selecting File/Print Current Day Foods. This will print out a text listing of the foods, their score and calories.


Under the option menu there are reports that you can create. Select the report that you want to see. You will be asked for a filename to save the report to.

All the reports are created in a standard comma-delineated format (.csv) that is readable by Microsoft Excel®, OpenOffice, and most any other spreadsheet software.

1) Food report: This report contains a list of all the foods, their scores,

and the amount of each nutrient in 100 grams of that food. This report is useful for finding foods that meet a certain criteria or to check that your scoring criteria are what you really want.

Creating a food

A food can be created several different ways.

You can copy a food from the USDA or user food lists. First select the food that you want to copy and then either right click on it and select copy, or go to the edit menu and select "Copy Food". If you are copying from the USDA list you can simply drag the food into the user food list.

You can create a brand new food. Just select “New Food” from the edit menu. This will bring up the food dialog. Enter the name category weight and nutrient values.

An easier way to create a new food is to use the New Food Wizard. This wizard will step you through the creation of your food and allow you to create new measures for that food.

If you have a particular food item that you want to enter into the program, you should first check to see if the USDA database has the item. The database does include some brand name foods and even some fast foods. If the database doesn't contain your particular food, it is still easier if you can find something similar to start with. If you can't find something similar use the New Food Wizard to create the food from the information on the nutrition label.