Media Database

The Media database application will store basic data about a set of books, CDs and DVDs. To enter books you can simply enter the ISBN number and the application will lookup that number at and fill in Author, Title, Num pages, publisher, cover type and a picture of the book. If an ISBN number isn't found, the information can be entered manually. To enter DVDs you enter the title of the DVD and the application will lookup that title at and fill in the actors, directors, features, rating, cover picture and release date. To enter CDs you insert the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. The program looks up the CD on an Internet CD database (FreeDB), then downloads the cover art from Once your books, CDs and DVDs are entered, you can browse, search and sort the data. Data can be saved and read as a coma-delineated text file (which can be read by Microsoft Excel).

Download the file:
Unzip the files to the directory you want to run from.
Copy the dll to a directory in your path. (The windows directory always works)
To run: Double click the MediaDB.jar file. (You need to have Java)

Because the CD-ROM access is an OS dependent operation, the CD support is only available for Windows. You can still download the prior version which has support for DVDs and Books. This version is run through Java Web Start Click on the link to download and run.

If you would like to know what books/CDs/DVDs I have you can download my library file. This file is for use with version 1.2. There is also a file within this zip called library.txt which can be loaded into excel. OurBooks

Detailed help:

Start by entering your books into the program. The best way to do this is to open a connection to the Internet and enter the ISBN number of each book into the ISBN entry field. After you have entered the ISBN number press 'ENTER' or click the 'Find' button. A search for that ISBN will be performed at If the book is found, data for the book will be retrieved and displayed on a pop up. If the book is not found, double check the ISBN number. Some books will not be in's database, especially older books and textbooks. If the book is not found you can enter the data manually in the pop up.
Onceyour books are entered, you need to save the Library. Use the Save option under the file menu. Give the program a filename.
If you remove a book from your library, find the book in the table, select it with the mouse by clicking on it and then select 'Delete' under the Edit menu. The book will be removed from the Library.
To edit the information for a book in the Library, simply double click the entry on the table. This will bring up the book pop up, change any of the information and press OK.

You can search for a particular book or books by entering any text into the Search box. All the books that match your search will be highlighted in the table and repeated presses of the search button will scroll through the highlighted books.
You can click the column header on any of the columns on the table to sort all the books by that column.
Under the file menu there is an export option. This will export the library in a format that is readable by spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel (TM).