Greedy Dice

SUMMARY Greedy Dice (also known as zilch or Tora) is a simple dice game of luck and greed.

SCORING Dice rolls are scored as follows:

ROLL SCORE in points

1 100

5 50

Straight 3000

3 pair 1000

3 of a kind 100 times value

3 ones 1000

4 of a kind TWICE 3 of a kind

5 of a kind TWICE 4 of a kind

6 of a kind TWICE 5 of a kind


The game is over when any player COMPLETES a turn with MORE than 10000 points. At that point each OTHER player has one final turn. The highest final score wins the game.


Roll the dice, Score the roll, Decide whether to quit or roll the dice again, Finally quit and accept a score Give dice to the player on your left


A turn starts with a roll of 6 dice (this roll is made for you). Dice contained in a scoring combination may be set aside and scored by selecting which dice are to be keep. Having set aside 1 or more scoring dice, the player then chooses whether to go for more. To go for more, just press the roll button. Unselected dice will be re-rolled and selected dice will be moved up to the "kept dice" section. A player may keep rolling as long as there is no Zilch (no scoring combination in a roll). Whenever all 6 dice are scored during the turn ("a turnover") the player must pick up all 6 dice and roll again. This is called "rounding the horn" (or "Greater Glory"). The re-roll will happen automatically. To quit and take your accumulated score, press the pass button. This will take your running score for previous combinations of dice plus any current scoring dice and add them to your overall score.

Each die can be counted in only 1 scoring combination. If possible, at least one combination MUST be scored on each roll. When more than 1 combination is rolled, the player may freely choose to set aside and score whichever seem best and roll the rest. Actual points scored result only from combinations set aside. Dice set aside from a previous roll may not be used to form combinations with dice in the current roll. A Zilch roll immediately ends the TURN with a score of zero. That is, you lose everything you've scored during the turn (not the whole game). Some combinations can be scored in more than 1 way. As long as you don't round the horn and aren't passing the dice, the player may score the dice as desired, even if the result is less than the maximum possible.

The first score that you add to the scoreboard must be at least 500 points. This means that until you have scored once you will not be able to pass with less than 500 points. After you are on the scoreboard you may pass with any number of points


Passing: In this variant, the next player may continue playing your dice where you left off. So if you ended your turn with 1000 points and two dice that didn't score, the next player could just roll those two dice to continue where you left off, or they could chose to roll all 6 dice and start over with zero points. Their decision doesn't affect your score, nor does it affect any score from a prior round.

Download the Program. You will need to have Java Web Start installed on your computer: